About Us

A family business that is run and operated by 2 local lawyers who have extensive knowledge on the local laws and have been involved with legal works since 2000.  Taoing Taoaba is a senior lawyer of the Firm and Aomoro Amten is a partner both of whom have worked as People’s Lawyers with the Office of the People’s Lawyer at Betio, a Legal-aid Office, for more than 6 years.   There are 2 paralegals one of whom is completing her Degree Course on law with the University of the South Pacific via the USP Kiribati Campus, formerly known as the USP Extension Centre.

Our work is not limited to advising and representing clients in court.  We also assist foreign companies/businesses in Company matters such as registration, company search etc and assisted in collecting debts.

Our mission goal is to provide an excellent legal service to customers/clients at an affordable price within a reasonable time.



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