Our Services

Our firm offers the following Services:

Advise on Legal Matters

Advice on matters involving legal issues on relationships founded on agreements, associations, legal duties and otherwise require the assistance of a qualified lawyer.  Provide us with any thing that you wish to be assisted on and we will ensure you are advised accordingly to the circumstance of your case.  Remember every advice depends upon a particular case.

Interpretation of Laws

As the phrase goes, interpretation of laws requires someone who is legally qualified.  Interpretation of laws is not confined to enactments of parliaments or the like but also extends to legal relationships.  Our Office has been involved with many legal issues from individuals to companies (either local or foreign) and statutory bodies on the interpretation of laws.

Representation in Court

We have represented clients from individuals to companies in courts, either the Magistrates’ Court, the High Court and the Court of Appeal on mere simple matters to complicated issues.

Representation in tribunals and other bodies

In the interest of justice we have also represent clients in tribunals in companies etc.  Although this rarely happens, we have a few cases where we are involved in a legal battle mostly in employment cases



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